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Tuesday - November 24, 2020


You need to tidy up your free time! Your extra hours are spaced out here and there throughout the day. But if you take a few minutes to rearrange them, you'll be able to get yourself a nice big chunk of time that you can fill up with the fun you've been craving! Try to avoid canceling out on too many people, though. If you flake out at the last minute, you could do a lot of harm to your hard-won reputation.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Your great energy is crackling all over today, and you might feel the urge to mix it up with folks who are a bit younger than you. They might be kind of dumb, but they're still fun!

Singles: What you expect and want from love turn out to be very different from what you need. This new you is ready to deal with what a relationship really is. You disdain illusions and crave reality.

Couples: If work is coming first now, sometimes that's how it's got to be. But don't underestimate the ability of a quick call (or DM or flower delivery) to make your certain someone feel certain about you.

Finance Horoscope

Of the many challenges you face, the most important are still the same old nags. You need some physical exercise. In fact, the more you worry about money, the more important staying fit becomes.

Business Horoscope

You'll be pulled in two, but you'll know which direction to go in. Trusting your instincts means listening to your gut. Your head is more likely to be influenced by someone persuasive.

Teen Horoscope

Your fiery energy is perfect for starting -- or restarting -- romance! If you have your eye on someone, or are seeing someone already, now is a great time to show them how you really feel.

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