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Wednesday - November 25, 2020


Why don't you focus on understanding your own emotions and forget about trying to figure out why someone else is acting so weird? You need to take a new point of view regarding a difficult friend. If they are pouting or moody, just leave them be. Their problems, while annoying or troubling to you, are their own to solve. You can't fix their life for them, as much as you might want to. You're doing them no favors by offering advice that they're never going to take.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Keep all your interactions light and breezy today -- you need to make sure you're not sinking into any quagmires! Even romance should be kind of superficial for now. You can get serious tomorrow if you want!

Singles: Dazzle your people with your brains! Your hot ideas are sexy right now, and the words you use to express yourself are just as much so. Start a conversation with a hottie. It could make life a lot sweeter!

Couples: Your significant other might offer some directions now. And while they mean well, it could make you impatient. Take a deep breath, thank them for their input, and say you want to try it your own way.

Finance Horoscope

Keep your thoughts off of your adult worries. You can feel good doing all kinds of mature things like being intellectual or romantic, but the kind of fun you need is of the more childish variety. The higher the energy level, the better.

Business Horoscope

The positive outcome may seem dim and blurry, but it's out there. Don't bother cleaning your glasses. The light at the end of the tunnel will be green, so keep your eyes open for it.

Teen Horoscope

Your big brain and big mouth are in perfect sync right now, and your opinions should be absolutely clear to anyone within earshot or who checks in with your blog. It's fun to speak your mind!

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