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Thursday - November 26, 2020


The best way to approach a problem today is education. Teach yourself by researching every aspect of the forces and people around you. When you know what motivates them, you'll know how to motivate them, and the power will be in your hands. Interestingly enough, the reverse is also true. The more they know about your motivations, the more they can influence you. You get to decide whether or not you want to keep the playing field level, so be as open as you want.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: A friend rings up and wants you to go out with them, but you may not have the energy for it. You've had a wild couple of days (or should have), and even someone like you needs to rest now and then.

Singles: Anyone you think of as weak can't really do it for you, but those with forceful personalities can get on your bad side in a big way, like right now. Give everyone involved a little more room.

Couples: If things aren't working out, it's up to you to find a different approach. You can draw on that famous creative energy of yours to come up with a new way to get your partner smiling.

Finance Horoscope

There are many reasons to remember a date, and a romantic anniversary is just the most cliche. Today could be a meaningful one if you play your cards right. Don't let it become just one of many others in a meaningless parade.

Business Horoscope

You may not be aware of all that's in play, but luck isn't what's on your side. Doing the right thing is. Pay attention to all of your actions, and do only what's honorable.

Teen Horoscope

Look into your money situation one more time -- it's going a little better for you, but not by much. Wring a few extra bucks out of your parents or boss, if you have a gig.

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