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Tuesday - November 24, 2020


You'll be like a bright ray of sunshine wherever you go. No one can be sad when you're around! Even if you aren't feeling as happy as a clam, you'll be giving off some major cheerful energy, so just go with it. It's a great day to talk to other people, so try to organize a group chat even if it's virtual. People don't just want to spend time with you; they need to spend time with you, so spread the love around.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Just stick with whatever is going on in your life right now without adding more to it -- there's barely any room left! You need to deal with current affairs before moving into the future.

Singles: Hard work will get you anywhere you want to go, and then it will get you exhausted. Remember that saying about all work and no play? Call up your looniest pal and insist on a romance-free chat.

Couples: You love learning about new philosophies, theories, and cultures. Just remember that your partner might not share your enthusiasm yet. Lead by example and delve into your studies with your full, passionate self.

Finance Horoscope

You're starting to have a chip on your shoulder. That just shows how much your sense of entitlement has warped your way of thinking. Your best approach to your finances is to let go of all grudges.

Business Horoscope

You're able to communicate effortlessly with everyone from your most intimate friends to total strangers. In fact, you may want to work on reining in just what you're letting others know about you.

Teen Horoscope

You're feeling a bit too much emotion over an incident that almost everyone else has moved past, but don't cover things up! Express yourself even if nobody knows what you mean.

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