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Wednesday - November 25, 2020


A wave of generosity hits you today, and you'll be both giver and receiver. You're going to want to share all your good news and give out all the affection and love you can give, but you'll also be ready to get the gifts you've worked so hard to earn. Support, opportunity, respect, gratitude. These are some of the things you'll be offered. Open your arms wide and you'll see how freeing it can be to accept what you know you so richly deserve.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Your people might be waiting for someone to step up and tell them what to do -- and it's your turn! You may not like playing leader, but you know better than to resist your destiny, right?

Singles: It's quite easy for you to talk to people (even more so than usual), and you've got a real knack for getting inside their head quickly. Have a video chat with someone new.

Couples: Be extra vigilant about old issues masquerading as current relationship difficulties. If something about the situation feels familiar, find out why so you can nip it in the bud this time around.

Finance Horoscope

Who needs money? Sit back and do some people watching for a change. You can appreciate the beauty of an approving look or the high energy of a child without spending a penny.

Business Horoscope

When it comes to being productive at work, money is the most effective motivator. Finish that big project with a bang and then ask for a raise!

Teen Horoscope

Every now and then, you get a little sign that things are going your way. Expect something like that fairly early today -- it should get your hopes up and inspire you to new heights!

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