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Tuesday - November 24, 2020


People in your social circle seem to be playing a game of follow the leader, and the leader is you! Suddenly, everyone loves the music you're listening to, the clothes you're wearing, and talking about the stuff you're talking about. All this imitation is probably unconscious on their part, so don't feel threatened or mocked by it. They just admire you a lot more than you realize. Now that you know they're paying attention, keep on giving them a good example to follow.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: It's time for a change, or at least an addition to your life. You may find that you can improve some element in a small way, or that you're ready to pull up the roots and revolutionize your life.

Singles: Keep it moving, but go at a slower pace than you might desire. Rushing ahead doesn't mean you'll get there faster. In fact, you might trip on rough patches that you could have otherwise avoided if you'd taken your time.

Couples: There's no formula for a perfect relationship. This isn't algebra, you know. You and your partner have to figure out what the variables are through a system of trial and error. Go easy on yourself.

Finance Horoscope

You're projecting a beloved image onto someone you don't really know. They may be a wolf in sheep's clothing, but you're taking care of the illusion for them. Be brave. Find out who you're really dealing with before you take out your wallet.

Business Horoscope

If you're clinging to someone for dear life, that's no fun for either of you. If you loosen your grip, you'll find much more security in the relationship. If you need a personal pep talk, go over your list of work accomplishments.

Teen Horoscope

Life is still great for you and those who know well enough to follow you -- and you may find that even the dullest chores turn into games when you start to take care of them. Life is sweet!

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