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Wednesday - November 25, 2020


Today, you might find yourself thinking about doing things that you never would have dreamed of a few years ago! It looks like your healthy ambitions are getting even healthier, and this is a very positive development for you and your family. But before you tackle that next big goal, you need to concentrate on finishing some things today. Check those last few items off your to-do list, and prove to everyone that you can follow through with things.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You're a little overwhelmed today, thanks to your overstuffed schedule! Try to clear it out a bit with a few phone calls or texts, but if you must, barrel through it all and collapse later on.

Singles: Are you feeling a bit headstrong now? Figure out whether your intellect is calling the shots, or if you're being ruled by your emotions. Ideally, neither is completely true, and you can probably find a sweet balance now.

Couples: If what your partner is planning to do just doesn't sound that great to you, take a rain check and opt out. They'll somehow manage without you, and you'll have more fun alone.

Finance Horoscope

Even the best of partnerships can be seriously affected by money problems. You're not seeing any cracks in the foundation yet, but it's definitely worth your time and attention to nip more serious issues in the bud.

Business Horoscope

Don't be a bad actor. Being enthusiastic makes a good impression, but faking it doesn't. Drum up some real gusto and passion instead of faking the fervor.

Teen Horoscope

It's just a little too easy for you to share too much, or even to push opinions on people who aren't quite ready for them. That's not like you at all, but every now and then it can creep out of anyone!

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