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Wednesday - November 25, 2020


You need some excitement in your life, so get involved in a fun debate. Or eavesdrop on a titillating conversation and see what kind of gossip you can gather. It's never a bad idea to mix things up in your life, but today you should feel free to toss in a little onflict. People can handle it, and so can you. Differing opinions are enlightening because they show you what people really are passionate about. You will enjoy hearing what other people say.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Your people are struggling over something that seems small to outsiders, and maybe also to you -- but that doesn't mean you are going to let it go! Today brings a resolution of some kind.

Singles: Getting your house in order is your top priority now. Messy business can vastly increase your romantic confusion. And don't forget that cleaning up gives you some serious time to think.

Couples: The stars say you can earn an A when it comes to playing well with your significant other now. Maybe it's that you're communicating well, finding the humor, and enjoying sharing all sorts of things.

Finance Horoscope

You can struggle with a decision and not get anywhere or you can just let it drop for the day. By the way, the easy way out is also the most reasonable. Enjoy.

Business Horoscope

Being opportunistic sounds a bit sour. Calling yourself an entrepreneur has a sweeter ring to it. But whatever you call it, make sure your desire to succeed is not your top concern.

Teen Horoscope

A parent, teacher or coach is coming close to getting up in your grill today, and you're much better off slinking away for the time being than standing tough and taking it. Conflict won't end well.

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