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Friday - November 27, 2020


You're known for your great advice, but at least one of your people is in a situation they may be too embarrassed to talk to you about. Put out some feelers today. Send a few probing messages and find out what's up with everyone in your inner circle. You might be able to pull a shy someone out of their shell. Listening skills will come in handy in all sorts of places today, giving you a wonderful excuse to poke your nose into other people's business!

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You're noticing the small stuff about your date or crush -- the things nobody else can see, but make you all swoony when the time is right. You might work up the nerve to tell them!

Singles: You might be on pins and needles waiting for someone special to get back to you, but you know deep down that a watched pot never boils. Stay busy with family, work, and maybe even other romantic prospects!

Couples: You're still riding high on positive energy, and you should be feeling a little clearer about what you want for the future. It's a great time to sit down with your partner and tell them your dreams.

Finance Horoscope

You're digging deep and getting nowhere. You're the curious type, but even with an intellect like yours, you can't tell where you went wrong. This is one for the history books to analyze, not the living.

Business Horoscope

Power struggles in the workplace seem to leave you in the middle, but you're really the axis it's all spinning around. It's you against the world, or so it seems.

Teen Horoscope

You're more organized than almost anyone, and it's days like this that show the rest of the world your secret. It's a good time to invest an hour or so in making the rest of the week go more smoothly.

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