Compatibility Number Eleven


Learn more about Compatibility Number Eleven (11) in numerology and its meaning. Get the chance to understand more about the people/person that holds the number Eleven on their name or in their birth-date.


Your romantic style

Number Eleven is all about intuition. Number Eleven is the first Master Number and possesses more power than the other numbers.

You are romantic, idealistic and want to see the very best in others.

You are very considerate and undemanding of your partner and don't ever try to push your lover into anything - no emotional show-downs for you! You are a keeper. You stay true to your partner through thick and thin. You are very accepting and tolerant.

Power and control are important to you in a relationship and you do not like to relinquish control to the other person, for fear of losing control and being too vulnerable. You need to learn to let go a little.

Your Most Compatible Partners

Who suits you best?

You are very compatible with:

You are quite compatible with:

You are least compatible with:

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