Life Path Number Five


Learn more about Life Path Number Five (5) in numerology and its meaning. Get the chance to understand more about the people/person that holds the number Five on their name or in their birth-date.


Number 5 people are very creative and artistic. You have a great deal of energy and thirst for life and all you can experience. You are changeable and dislike routine of any sort as you need variety and excitement.

You make friends very easily and often lend a sympathetic ear to your many friends - you have the most friends of all the Life Numbers.

You have an interest of the mysterious and unknown and are especially drawn to anything magical. You have a natural luck and resilience to any really difficulties in life. Your quick wit and sense of humor makes you lots of friends and gets you out of any difficult situations.

You can be irresponsible and thoughtless, which you need to learn how to deal with effectively. Don't be so hard on yourself, you just need a little more praise and support to achieve your goals.

You can be very unreliable and are rather idealistic, so not serious or realistic enough. You often take on more than you can realistically achieve, so tend to not finish anything. You need to understand and accept your responsibilities and actually finish things that you start.

Kabbalistic Meaning

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Creativity, sexuality, life.

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