Personality Number Eight


Learn more about Personality Number Eight (8) in numerology and its meaning. Get the chance to understand more about the people/person that holds the number Eight on their name or in their birth-date.


The number Eight person is full of energy and determination. You are driven to succeed with your intense ambitions and goals.

You make a great employee and have excellent organizational skills. You understand the need for financial security and will do everything you can to make your business successful. You are a company's best asset as you put the extra hours in when necessary.

You love nothing better than a challenge to stretch your mind and your mental capacities. You usually succeed in unraveling it, as you hate to fail in anything.

You have all the right characteristics to really succeed and make yourself very financially stable. Just remember the other aspects in your life, like your partner and family.

Your determination and single-mindedness in your pursuit of your goals can make others see you as very demanding, difficult and bossy. Your need to feel superior to others can really alienate them from you and you should take care to curb this characteristic and try to have some understanding and sympathy to others viewpoints.

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